Adding Salary Wages

From the Menu Bar go to Employees

Select Edit to access an employees settings

Select the Salary / Wages Tab

Select the Salaried Employee wage type as shown below.

Enter wage, and a wage start date (may not precede start of prior payroll period), and press the blue Add Wage button. 

NOTE: Check the Auto-Clock In/Out checkbox if you'd like punches to match the schedule without requiring employee to clock-in. 

Salary analytics will be applied to an employee's primary working location / department. 

The active salary shown employee's wage tab will show where the salary is applied.  

Likewise, from the Wage Report, you are able to identify where salary analytics are being applied. 

To apply a salary (for analytic purposes) to departments OTHER than the employee's primary department, or to multiple departments, use the "Salary Analytics - Divide Between" dropdown, and apply the salary to any available Working departments. 

NOTE: To re-configure where salary applies, the wage must be re-entered. If require the wage entry to predate the prior pay period, please contact with your specific request. 

To observe from the Schedule view the salaries being applied to specific schedule, press  "$ Salary" shown below, and a table will open showing the daily fraction of salaries applied to this particular schedule / department.

Analytics are shown in segments, Hourly Labor, Salary Labor, and Combined Labor. The ability to view any type of analytic is controlled by permissions.