Creating Roles

From the Gearwheel Menu > Roles / Headings Settings

1. Press Create a Role

2. A blank role will appear as shown. Type the name of the new role.

Point of Sale NOTE: If POS  is synced with role parity, the role should be added to the POS with identical spelling.

Payroll NOTE: If Payroll  is synced with role parity, the role should be added to the Payroll Role database with identical spelling. If roles are merely MAPPED to payroll departments, then the new role must be mapped by using Gearwheel Menu > Payroll Mapping

Reach out to with any POS or Payroll mapping questions.

Next, the role must be applied to Schedule(s).

1. Scroll down to see the next section "Roles Visible to Schedules"

2. Apply the Role(s) to the intended schedules.

Next, you can bulk-add roles to qualified employees

1. Scroll down until you see "Assign Employees to Roles"

2. Choose a Schedule and a Role from the selection drop-downs, and then check the names of employees who can work the role.

NOTE: If you do not see an employee's name in the dropdown list, it means they are not yet qualified to work the selected schedule. You must edit the employee, and the schedule as a working location:

Changing the Order that roles will appear when scheduling

1.  Press  Change Order as shown below to reveal the sort-order

2. Using the role handle, drag to the desired position