Tips Troubleshoot Imbalance with POS

Unsaved Bundles, indicated by RED TRIANGLES (see below). 

1. Resolve: Either Save bundles individually, or  SAVE ALL as shown below

Tips being missed by existing Templates

In the following example, we're looking for $8

1. Run a Manual look for all tips

  • Select OWNERSHIP mode
  • Press NEW
  • Select FULL DAY
  • Select All schedules and roles

2. Review all tips from POS, and look for the missing tips

  • In this case, there is no GREEN ROLE next to the server's name. This indicates that there is NO Time-Punch for this employee. 
  • If there are not rules established for "No ROLE" (above), or a certain roll that should not be ringing in tips, then the tips process could not allocate the tips.
  • If the Name is RED, there is a deeper mapping or configuration issue. Email 

3. Resolve

  • Edit time punches or roles in the Dolce schedule as required, and re-run tips.
  • Edit the tip in the POS, for instance apply it to a different person as required, re-sync (as shown below), and re-run tips. The re-sync can take from 10 seconds to 2 minutes. Refresh the page. 

  • If the Name associated with the missing tips is RED, there is a deeper mapping or configuration issue. Contact with specifics.

  • If a NEW TEMPLATE / RULE is required, advise your system administrator, or that a new rule is needed to handle new instances. 
Rule not producing desired results

1. Contact with details