Tips Troubleshoot Imbalance with POS

If Bundle Totals do not match the POS Totals, review the following troubleshooting tips:

Check for Unsaved Bundles
An Unsaved Bundle is indicated by RED TRIANGLES (see below). 

1. Resolve: Either Save bundles individually, or  SAVE ALL as shown below

Look for Tips that don't have a Rule or Template

In the following example, we're looking for $38.13

Press the AUDIT button, to view all tips from the POS

In this example, we see Host / Hostess tips, which may not have a rule set. 

To resolve, either add a rule for Host in existing or new tips templates, or email the issue and goal to, or, if this event is atypical and you just need a one-off solution, add the missing amount manually to an existing tips bundle and save. 

Look for other Dolce Warnings

OVERTIP Warning: See the following symbol. Click on this bundle to see more detail

In this case, there are not enough credit tips to tip-out support based on the tips rules. (perhaps the server received the majority of tips in cash..)

Solution #1: Let the over-tip-out exist, if you know that the server has sufficient tips from other days in the pay period compensate for this day of deficient cc tips. 

Solution #2: Adjust the tip-out

Click on the tip-out number as shown, to edit it:

Next enter a new value, which falls within tipping parameters, and press Save