Add Annual Budgets

Budget data populates the Budget column shown below, and provide goals or targets for scheduling. Budget data is often entered for an entire year. The Schedule column reflects a re-forecast sales number, and reflects labor scheduled.

To upload an annual budget, go to the Gearwheel Menu > Import, and scroll down to Import Budget Data

Click the Link shown below to download the template format. (please use CHROME browser for this procedure)

Fill out template and upload, listing the Schedule(s)which house sales and budget data in Column B.  Column A is internal and does not affect the import. Period# with dates reflecting the start of the workweek should populate rows 3 and 4. 

Upload file when complete


  • Data points should be Total Weekly Budget for the given period. 
  • Only one data type (i.e. Labor Hours) can populate a single CSV file. 
  • The file name protocol shown in the orange outline must be used to indicate which data point are being uploaded.

Alternatively, Budget data can be based on prior year's Budget or Sales data.  

Go to the Gearwheel Menu > Analytics, and press Create Budgets

Make the following selections:

  1. Select schedule(s) for which you are applying your budgets
  2. Select the [future] date which begins the start of your budget period, and the #weeks you wish to apply the budget to
  3. Select the Budget Data Type
  4. Select Prior Year Actuals or Prior Year Budget, and apply a % trend if desired, i.e. 5 or -5 
  5. Press Create Budget Data

To download a prior year's budget or actual data, select the date into the past as desired, select the data type, and press CSV Output.

The CSV can be modified, and uploaded as shown at the beginning of this article. 


By default, % Labor is manually entered as a  budget or scheduling target. 

If you would like to enter Labor $ and have % Labor derived, make the following selection in Gearwheel > Analytics, and Save Settings