PTO Viewing Balances and Applying PTO

Reports > PTO / Other Earnings

Filter on intended payroll group, and press Show Report

Initiate activity from an employee's Primary or intended department for PTO use. 

Expand employee history with "+"

Observe accumulation and balances of PTO and Other Earnings

Use the USE or ADD buttons to produce PTO / Other Earnings for a given date

Enter Hours PTO, Applicable Date, and Role (for assigning the applicable wage used for PTO), and Submit

NOTE: The action will be blocked if insufficient PTO is available for use. 

PTO will flow into the payroll output.

Workflow with EMPLOYEE initiating PTO use

From their Dashboard, employee can view balance and make request.

NOTE: Employee request will be blocked if it exceeds available balance. 

Manager Approval of employee request

From Dashboard, manager can view and approve PTO requests

NOTE: Select schedule and rates for proper payroll mapping