California Clock Out Discretionary Validations

Teamwork can be set to require employee validations of their time punch, and provide employees an opportunity to waive or not waive discretionary meal or rest breaks. 

In the following example, the shift length is between 5 and 6 hours long, so the 30-minute meal break is discretionary, and may be waived. If an employee chooses NOT to waive the discretionary break, they can un-check the [30-min] checkbox shown below, on clock-out. 

For a shift < 6 hours, one 10-minute paid break must be made available. If a break was NOT made available, the employee can un-check the [10-min] checkbox shown below.

In the following example, the meal break is satisfied, and due to the shift length, two 10-minute rest breaks should have been offered. If the employee was not offered two 10-minute rest breaks, they may uncheck the checkbox shown below

To complete the clock-out, the employee should press "My Time Punch is Correct".

Alternatively, the employee could type an explanation of why the punch is incorrect in the "Type Correction Notes Here" section, and press "Submit Correction".