Toast Delivery Services (Doordash) Update

Update Tip Distribution from Doordash Entity to TDS Driver Entity

Toast POS recently updated the way that Doordash delivery driver tips are reported. Delivery by Doordash tips (or simply Doordash) tips will now appear in Teamwork in red as TDS Driver (Toast Delivery Services Driver).

This change in how Toast reports Doordash delivery tips to Teamwork may cause discrepancies when balancing tips in the form of unallocated tips.

See the following support article detailing troubleshooting for tip imbalances:

Should you see unallocated tips with a source of TDS Driver, please complete the following steps to ensure that your TDS Driver tips are configured in the correct templates. Please note you may need full admin permissions or location admin with tip template access to complete these adjustments.

  1. Log into Teamwork. Click the Gearhwheel Icon and then click Tip Templates.
  2. Scroll down to the applicable tip template that picks up Doordash tips.
  3. Click the Include Entities dropdown in the Tip Calculator Setup section and ensure that the TDS Driver is selected. Complete this step for every tip template that includes Doordash or TDS Driver tips.


If you have templates that are split into two, based on a day part (AM / PM or Lunch / Dinner), you must ensure the TDS Driver entity is selected for each template that distributes Doordash tips. Additionally, mark the new TDS Driver entity as dividable at the top of the Tip Templates page.

Once you have ensured that the new TDS Driver entity is included in the correct templates, re-run tips on each affected day and audit the distribution closely to ensure the day is distributed properly. 

If you require additional assistance with configuring templates or currently do not have a tip template that distributes Doordash tips, please email us at