Employee Certifications and Reminders

Creating a Certification or Reminder

1.  From the Gearwheel Menu, go to Employee Reminders & Certifications

2.  From the Certification page, press Create a Reminder to add custom reminders

3.  Add certifications to the appropriate locations or departmets

Applying Certification Date or Anniversary to Employees

1.Edit employee, and select their Employee Reminders & Certifications tab

2.  Enter Certification Start Date, and Expiration Date. Or, in the event of an Anniversary, use the Interval as the entry.

Viewing Approaching Dates and Receiving Alerts

Running a Report

From Reports, Select Reminders and Certifications 

Enter dates and criteria for search, and Run Report

Setting Alerts

To set alerts for approaching expirations, go to a manager's Admin Alerts

Choose preference for Dashboard, Text, or Email