Preparing Multi-Unit ADP Run Accounts for ADP App Marketplace

For use of the ADP App Marketplace, a  New Username must be setup for each location / sub-account

Registering a New Username in RUN

  1. In RUN go to Settings 

  1. Click Add User 

  1. Put in the name, role (Owner or Payroll Admin), and email
    1. ***Different email & phone number required for each user***
  2. Make note of the temp user id and password, this will also be emailed to the client if a real email address is used.

3. Click "Save," in the bottom right corner, then click on the user created 

4. Click, "send registration email," then go follow the instructions from the email to complete registration. 

  1. Have the client close out of the browser completely
  2. Go to, and login in the top right corner  
  3. Client can now go into the marketplace, suggest logging out in the upper right and logging back in to ensure they are logged in with the new and correct User ID