Enforce Early/Unscheduled Clock-In

Early / Unscheduled behavior can be set individually for each Location / Department

From the Gearwheel Icon Select General Settings 

  1. Scroll to Schedules at the top of the Settings Screen
  2. Open a Location's Settings by Pressing "+"
  3. Make Your Selection(s) from the Dropdown Menu(s) under Clock-In Restrictions

Options Described for limiting "early" or "unscheduled" clock-ins.

  1. Allowed with Force Prompt. Employee is allowed to clock-in early or unscheduled, but when clock-in is attempted, they are advised that they are early, and prompted for a reason/permission. Their response become attached to the Time Punch Notes. *This is the DEFAULT setting.
  2. Allowed with Manager Approval (Suggested). Employee is only able to clock-in early or unscheduled if a manager authorizes when prompted at the clock-in station. 
  3. Not Allowed.
Defining EARLY (Default allows 5 minutes early, but this number can be customized)

To define Early for your company:

  1. Scroll to Other Settings
  2. Set Minutes allowed to Clock-In early / late