Adding Hourly Wages

Create Default Wages, Multiple Wages for Multiple Roles, Tipped Wages

From the Menu Bar go to Employees

Select Edit to access an employees settings

Select the Salary / Wages Tab

A Default Wage will be applied for ALL ROLES for the employee, unless an alternate wage is needed (see below)

Enter a Default Wage, by entering the wage, the start date (can go back to beginning of current pay period) and press the blue  Add Wage/Salary button.

For an employee who makes multiple hourly wages, enter the exceptional wage for the exceptional role

For an employee who makes a Tipped Wage below minimum wage, check the "Below Min Tipped Wage" checkbox. 

***NOTE: Best Practice it to setup RULES for tipped wages, and the tipped data will populate automatically*** See

To run a report on all employees' wages, go to Reports > Wage Report

For global selection designation of Tipped wages, see Entering "Tipped" Wages

To raise the Minimum Wage floor globally, see Raising Minimum Wage and Minimum Tipped Wage