Payroll Error Punch Exists in Newly Imported

This error arises in certain situations, namely when an employee clocks into the POS system either without a Role, or with a Role not setup in Teamwork. Without Role data, Teamwork can lack the information necessary to place the punch in the proper schedule or department. 

To Resolve:

1. From the Main Toolbar > Go to Schedules

  • Set the Date Picker to one of your payroll weeks. 
  • From the Schedule Dropdown selector (shown below), select Newly Imported at the bottom. 

Any punches found in the Newly Imported schedule must be edited and assigned

  • Click on the punch to edit

  • Assign the Punch a Location and a Role, and press Save Changes

NOTE: If the appropriate location / role choices do not exist, you must edit the employee, and add the locations or roles to their profile.

NOTE: press POS Timesheet as shown above to see complete data on the punch from the POS.

NOTE: If the updated punch could influence the outcome of Tips for the day, then Tips must be re-run.