Break Approaching Alerts for Managers and Staff

Break Approaching Alerts

In states where Meal Breaks must begin by the end of the 5th hour, i.e. California, Break Approaching warnings can be sent to managers and employees. 

Managers will receive two alerts warning of an approaching break, the first at 15+/- minutes prior to the required break start , and a second warning  at 5+/- minutes.

Setting Alerts for Managers

Break Alerts are sent to working managers only.  Teamwork uses Manager on Duty (MOD) status to ascertain which managers are working and and should receive alerts.  Any Role can be configured to have MOD status:

MODs have scheduled shifts, with a visible MOD tag.

Managers can configure their alert settings, and elect to receive Break Alerts. Push Notifications are the best form of alert:

NOTE: Teamwork confirms with a green checkmark that the manager has set their mobile device to allow for push notifications

An employee's Profile tab also shows confirmation that an employee has set their device for push notifications

Employee Alerts

Employees will automatically receive alerts pertaining to their own approaching breaks.