Global Wage Entry

Prior to Creating Wages, be sure Wage Rules have been entered:

From the Gearwheel Menu go to  Wage Settings

  1. Using the Wage Settings Tool, select Create Wages from the tool dropdown list.
  2. Select Schedules and Role(s) for wage to apply to. Selecting ALL schedules is recommended to ensure all employees are considered, regardless of their Primary identity. 
  3. Enter Wage / Tipped or Regular / and Date. Note that Dates cannot be entered prior to the start of the prior payroll period. If an earlier date is required, contact
  4. Press the Apply Wage Change button

REVIEW all potential changes

Uncheck any employees who should to whom the wage should not apply. Press Proceed with Changes to commit wages

If you have questions about this process, or about the best way to setup wages (with defaults or roles etc.), please email, and we are happy to assist you.