SpotOn Teamwork Gusto Payroll Resources

SpotOn Teamwork <> Gusto Payroll Resources

We are glad to assist you in the transition to SpotOn Teamwork’s integration with Gusto payroll. On July 1, Gusto will be updating their API, causing the direct integration between SpotOn Restaurant point-of-sale and Gusto to no longer function. Here are the resources to ensure you have a successful transition. 

Take these steps in the order that they’re outlined here and you’ll find success! You can always reach out to us at to assist. 

  1. Logging in to Teamwork

  2. Authenticating with Gusto

  3. Mapping Employees

  4. Mapping Earnings Codes

  5. Wage Best Practices

  6. Exporting Payroll

  7. FAQ - Common Scenarios with the Gusto Integration