Authenticating With Gusto

The process to link your Teamwork account with your Gusto account is completed in two steps. We will 

  1. Authenticate
    • Simply put, this step just means logging in to your Gusto account from Teamwork, and allowing the two systems to speak to one another
  2. Assigning the Gusto account to the Paygroup.
    • Paygroup is Teamwork terminology. In short, we allow multiple locations to coexist within the same Teamwork account. Even if you only have one restaurant, you will need to assign that restaurant to the Gusto account.

Let's get started!


  1. From the Gearwheel Menu, go to Payroll Mapping
  2. Scroll to Gusto Payroll at the bottom of the page
  3. Click Connect Teamwork to an Existing Gusto Account.

Follow the prompt to login to Gusto, and upon completion, you'll see a message that you've successfully connected to your Gusto account. 

Assigning the Gusto Account to a Paygroup

  1. Navigate back to Teamwork
  2. From the Gearwheel Menu, select Payroll Settings (3rd from the top)
  3. Scroll down past the Default Payroll Settings until you see Payroll Groups
  4. Select your business's Gusto account in the Linked Payroll Sync Account drop down menu

GREAT WORK! Now you're ready to map employees and earnings codes. Exciting, right?