Clocking Into SpotOn Teamwork Using Quick Pin

Launch SpotOn Teamwork App

NOTE: If the device has not been setup for clock-in, see:

Type In 4 or 6 digit PIN (provided by employer)

From the Left Menu > Clock-In / Clock-Out


1. If you are scheduled for a shift, the app will show  expected Time / Location / Role.   Select Begin Shift

If you are clocking in for a DIFFERENT or UNSCHEDULED shift, select Unschedule, and choose Location / Role

b. If your company requires authorization for an early or unscheduled clock-in, a manager must approve before proceeding. 

Taking a Break

1. Use the Go On Break button

2. Ending Break: Select End Your Break

NOTE: If you are required to take a specified break length, the system will prevent ending the break early

Clock-Out (End Shift) 

1. Select End Shift

a. If your company requires your time punch to be Validated

  • Review Time Punch and Break
  • If correct, select My Time Punch is Correct
  • If incorrect, Type Correction Notes and Submit Correction
  • If you claim a labor violation, you may be prompted to have a manager sign-off