ADP Purchase Run Connector

Purchasing the ADP Run® Connector

1. Navigate to the Dolce Connector for ADP Run Marketplace Listing (Teamwork used to be called Dolce Software).
2. Click "Buy Now."

3. It will prompt you to login with your credentials.
4.Then click Continue:

5. Agree to terms, and Place Order!

6. When prompted, enter the CUSTOM WEB ADDRESS for your company, provided to you by Teamwork . Then press Connect.

7. You will be prompted with your Company Name from Teamwork, to ensure you're linking to the correct account.

8. Continue to Grant Access. This final step is crucial in allowing Teamwork to source your data from ADP. 

9. After clicking Grant Access you will be redirected to ADP's Consent Manager.

You should see a message that you are connected. Well done! Please email and let us know that you are ready to configure your first payroll. 

NOTE: If multiple Run accounts are being synced, the above steps need to be taken for each account. Please refer to the article for Preparing Multi-Unit ADP Run Accounts for ADP App Marketplace