Exclude Employee from Payroll Export

You can exclude employee from payroll using one of the following methods.

From Employee's Salary / Wage Tab, Check "Exclude from Payroll Export"

From the Payroll Report, in the event employee doesn't have a payroll ID, you can press Resolve next to their name.

When you run the payroll report, you'll be warned about any employees who are excluded from the payroll output.

To re-add an employee to the payroll export, you can quick-add as shown below from the payroll report, or uncheck the exclusion from the employee's wage tab. 

NOTE: If the motivation for excluding employee from the payroll output is because they are Salary, not Hourly, please set them as a Salary employee, and you will not need to apply an exclusion. Even if you don't enter actual salaries for tracking, you can configure an employee as Salary with a zero wage. See:

Setting Salary Status: https://support.dolceclock.com/help/adding-salary-wages

Excluding Salary employee from time-keeping: https://support.dolceclock.com/help/auto-time-punch-for-salary