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Marketplace Guide : Request a Vendor Integration

Use Paylocity Marketplace to complete the Paylocity Automated Data Exchange (PADE-API) Form.

1. Log in to HR & Payroll and select Marketplace.

2. Select the Name to view information about the selected vendor integration.

3. Select Begin Integration to access, complete, and sign the PADE form.

• View and acknowledge the associated fees.

• Select Continue to open DocuSign.

• Select Start to begin the process.

• Complete applicable fields.

• Enter any additional information in the Briefly Describe Your Request window.

• Review the Terms & Conditions.

• Complete the Signature fields.

• Sign the document.

• Select Finish to submit the request to Paylocity.

Important Information

• Integrations occur at the individual company level. Company Set users log into a

single company in the Company Set to request integrations for the Company Set.

• Email for assistance with this process.

• If the PADE-API Form is improperly completed, this request may be rejected and cause

additional turnaround time. The signature on the PADE-API Form must be a certified digital

or wet signature of an authorized Paylocity contact.