Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employee Satisfaction Survey

On Teamwork, our satisfaction survey functions like a custom prompt that is presented to employees upon clock-out. This functionality is only available to users with Integrated clock-in stations, or clocking in and out directly to Teamwork clock-in devices.

Learn more about Integrated clock-in:

To configure your employee satisfaction survey: 

  1. Navigate to Gearwheel > Gen settings > Employee Data Collection

  2. Select Satisfaction Survey from the dropdown menu

  1. Select the Schedules and Roles that should receive the prompt:

  2. Then, mark the prompt as ‘Active’ 

Viewing Employee Satisfaction Survey Results 

From Reports 

  1. Select Clock-in/Out Custom Data from the drop down menu 

  2. Set the date range 

  3. Search for employee by name via the search field or select the name of the employees’ from the drop down menu 

  4. Select the Schedules you want to run the report on

  5. Press ‘Show Report’ to generate your report 

  6. You can export this report via .csv as well.

You can also view the Satisfaction Survey response by viewing a shift of an employee who has clocked out.