Shift Trades & Swaps

After a schedule has been published, employees are able to view their shifts on mobile or desktop, and may release shifts for other employees to cover, or requests a direct swap with a select employee.

Employees view shifts from mobile dashboard:

Or from the full site dashboard:

To release a shift for other employees to pick up, employee should press Offer this Shift.  

This prompts a pop up for the employee to list an optional reason for trading the shift.  Click Offer.

  • The status of the shift changes to Offered, and the offer can be canceled by pressing the cancel button (prior to its acceptance and approval)

Employees will (in accordance with their alert settings) be notified when a shift is released.

They can view offered shifts on mobile or desktop (dashboard):

  • Employees are able to press Request (if they are qualified for the Role)

  • The status changes, and employees are able to Cancel the request (prior to its acceptance and approval)

Swaps and Trades awaiting Manager approval can be found on the Dashboard (Desktop), or mobile menu

  • Managers can view theoretical potential hours / overtime effects of a trade
  • Manager can Approve or Deny from the dropdown menu
  • Upon approval or denial, an alert is sent to all affected parties, and the schedule is updated. 

If multiple requests are made for the same shift, a manager is able to see all requests, with time stamps of requests, along with aging color indicators, and an icon showing which request came in first (see below). Upon confirming a trade with one employee, the others will be automatically denied and notified.

Employees are able to see the Status of their proposed activity on their mobile / dashboard.

Direct Swaps

  • Employees can initiate a direct swap with another employee, as to not release a shift to the entire staff.  In this workflow, the 2nd employee is notified, and upon agreement, the swap is sent to manager(s) for approval.

Please see shift swap/trade overview: Shift Swaps, Offers, and Requests