Logbook Setup

Logbook Setup

From the Gearwheel Menu > Logbook Settings

(Requires permission levels: Admin, Location Admin, or Custom)

Setup Logbook Topics (Topics will appear as Form Headings when filling out Shift Reports)

Select which schedules Topics apply to, i.e. FOH / BOH.. 

NOTE: Multiple schedules can share the same Topic. Comments will be consolidated when Logbook Report is viewed / emailed.  Or, a Topic can be applied to a single schedule, i.e. "Kitchen Notes" could be applied to "BOH", and would then visible for entry when submitting Shift Notes to the BOH. 

NOTE: All Topics will roll up into a single report, viewable to the degree viewing permissions allow. 

Select which Day Parts Topics apply to. If only a single Shift Report per day is applicable, choose Full Day.  If multiple shifts will report per day, choose AM and PM. Or blend all three. 

Setup Logbook Tags

NOTE: Tags can be applied to any Logbook Entry, and then used for filtered reporting.

Permission Setup

Permission to ENTER Shift Notes 

  • Automatically given to Admins, Managers L1 / L2 / L3, Shift Managers & MODs
  • This Permission can be added to custom templates

Permission to VIEW Logbook Reports

  • Automatically given to Admins, Manager L3
  • This Permission can be added to custom templates

  • NOTE: For a manager to view a complete Logbook Report from all Departments / Schedules, they must have the  "View" Permission applied for all locations where they are not already a manager. The "View Logbook" permission can be applied as shown below

Logbook Report Send Time

The Time of the daily Logbook email report can be set in General Settings > Other Settings