Prevent Publishing Schedules that Exceed Budget

Using Percent Labor vs Sales as Labor Control

1. Enter sales projections:

2. Sent analytics controls:

  • Gearwheel Menu > Analytics Settings
  • Check the settings shown below, and Save Settings

  • For a given schedule, in the Weekly analytics table, enter the % Labor Target in the Budget column as shown below. 
    • The table will back out fixed salary labor, and show the max Hourly labor % (see outlined number below)
    • As a manager builds a schedule, they will see the total hourly labor they've scheduled alongside the budgeted %
    • If the Schedule exceeds the labor target, manager will be unable to publish the schedule. (providing the Analytics constraints shown above are engaged)

NOTE: When you add a Budget %, you'll be prompted to carry forward the % target for the next 13 weeks. 

Using Hours or Labor Dollars as Labor Control

From Gearwheel Menu > Analytics Settings

  • Change the labor control as shown below, and Save Settings

  • You are now able to populate  Budget variables other than % labor

  • If you'd like to prevent publishing a schedule if Labor Dollars or Hours exceeds the budgeted column, email to engage the setting.
  • If you'd like to upload annual budgets via spreadsheets, email and we'll guide you through the import process.