Delete and Re-Add Clock-In Device

When clock-in station is missing certain schedules at a location (i.e. "Our Bussers can't clock-in"), timekeeping should be deleted and re-added using the following steps:

NOTE: This action must be taken by a full admin, or a a manager who has management authority for all schedules at a given location. 

1. Delete existing Clock-Station

  • Log-In to the App
  • Click Clock-In / Out, to arrive at the Clock-In screen

  • Press Delete Clock-Station

2. Re-Enable Clock-In

  • Press Enable Clock-In button

3. Enter Name & Settings

  • Name the station
  • Select Quick Login for quick 4-Pin
  • Specify the schedules [Allow Clock-In for dropdown]  which can use this device for clock-in (usually all schedules for one location)
  • Press SAVE
  • Log out  

If you need to give temporary permission to an employee to setup a station, please email us at

Common How-To's

To change to QUICK LOGIN after a clock-station has been setup, an Admin is able to log in, and press Switch to Quick Login as shown below.

To change which locations the clock-station applies to, an admin is able to log in, Delete Clock Station as shown below, then re-add with an updated designation of locations

To use a mobile device or tablet which is too old to support the Teamwork App (formerly Dolce), login to the account from a mobile Browser. Once logged in, scroll to the bottom of the page, and press View Mobile Site to attain the tablet User Interface. Bookmark the page for ease of use.