Other Settings, Early & Late Clock-In, Break Defaults, Etc.

Important Other Settings upon initial setup

Go to Settings from the Main Menu Bar. Scroll to Other Settings at the bottom of the page.

1. Minutes to be considered late

Clock-In records and employee files will track late arrivals according to this value

2. Minutes allowed to Clock-In early

If an employee Clocks-In prior to this allowance, they are either, warned and prompted for a reason (default behavior), or blocked. Behavior may be set per location. See Location Settings

3. Auto Clock Out Over (hours)

If an employee forgets to cock-out, the system will auto-clock them out, and generate a message to manager that the time punch requires adjustment. Choose the value for how many hours triggers this behavior.

4. Alerts: Force Read Before Clock-In (dropdown menu)

Dolce generates system alerts (i.e. "Your Shift Trade is Approved"), as well as Managerial Messages (i.e. "Openers, remember to pepare extra product for today's function")

By default, Dolce requires that messages be read before clock-in is allowed. You may change the behavior in this dropdown.

Note: Use the Break Settings for states or companies that require breaks of certain lengths per shifts ove [x] hours

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