Customizing Late, No Show, Termination Reasons

Customizing Late, No Show, Termination Reasons

In Teamwork you can create custom reasons for when an employee is late, no shows a shift, or is terminated. There are stock reasons that come standard in every account, but there may be scenarios where you'd like to cultivate a broader set of options for your managers.

Navigate to the menu option Late / No-Show / Term / Scorecards from the Gearwheel menu.

Create a new reason under each "reason type"

Refer to the following key for settings on each individual reason:

  1. This icon allows you to drag and drop the reasons to change their order
  2. The point associated with the reason can impact the Employee Scorecard report
  3. If default is selected, this will be the default reason whenever an employee no-shows
  4. Active determines if this reason will show up in the drop down menu associated

Note the following examples:

  1. No show - display in the daily summary 
  2. Late Reasons - display in the daily summary
  3. Termination Reasons - display when you inactivate an employee