ADP® Teamwork Onboarding Process

General Overview

Teamwork provides a Labor Center -- an efficient platform for managing scheduling, timekeeping, tips, and Point of Sale integration. Teamwork can be setup for single or multi-unit establishments very quickly, by extracting data from ADP through its API. Information including employee profiles, IDs and wages, and location, department, and job codes are all transferred through the cloud.  The training and onboard process for a store is efficient as well (typically two hours for a location). Payroll uploads through a file for through the API (cloud), and is tested prior to going live. 

Teamwork offers staggering possibilities for integrating multi-locations, multi-EINs, and multi-POS systems. 


1. Introductions

  • Teamwork should be introduced to point person(s) for the company, i.e.. heads of operations / implementation / and HR, as well as ADP® point person(s), including an implementation specialist.

2. Coordination of payroll setup Teamwork should be invited to meeting including key decision makers and implementation specialist to discuss the following:

  • Establishing structure of Locations, Departments, Job Codes, and Cost Centers. Teamwork should be included from the onset in how a company will be setup. 
  • Establishing how primary and secondary wages will be handled. Teamwork will inform the team of options of how Teamwork can sync and interact with ADP wages, and client can choose a workflow.
  • Establishing PTO and Other Earnings flow. Teamwork will inform the team of options of how Teamwork can be used for PTO and Other Earnings, and client can choose a workflow.
  • Establish other pertinent payroll expectations including the handling of Tips, Tipped Hours, Break Violations, Semi-Monthly Overtime, and other miscellaneous data. 

3. Establish Timeline Teamwork to inform client in detail of process, and establish dates relative to the Go-Live date for the following events:

  • Data extraction, from both ADP and POS. Very little data is entered into Teamwork manually. Teamwork will extract data from other systems once they are setup.
  • Operations training and assembly of training resources. 
  • Onboard pilot location (if multi-unit)
  • Onboard all locations
  • Test Payroll
  • Go Live

The parties should establish communication expectations - ie. who should be included and copied on what level of questions or progress.

Because Teamwork extracts data from other systems once complete, Teamwork's presence in onboarding becomes more visible after company data has been extracted.


Implementation of systems is not required to be in lockstep. For many reasons, there may be motivation to implement Teamwork or ADP first. 

Initial data extraction can come from ADP or from the client's Point of Sale, then synced with the other system.

Important Notes

Teamwork functions as the timekeeper of record, and offsets the need for ADP Time & Attendance.

Teamwork integrates with leading cloud-based point-of-sale systems, but not all / legacy systems.