Invite Employees

When you INVITE employees to activate their accounts, they will immediately receive an INVITE email that welcomes them into the system, and guides them through a brief training tour

Main Toolbar > Employees

  1. Before inviting an employee, be sure phone or email has been added, ideally both.
  2. Press Invite  or Invite All as shown below

  • If the email trapped not received or trapped as spam, you can find web "link", that you can manually cut and paste into a personal email to the employee

  • Even without a welcome email, an employee can simply log in to the system, with a password that you as an administrator create and provide. Passwords are updated in the employee's Profile Settings

Email & Phone Verification: Employees will be asked to confirm their email / mobile information. You can see that status of whether or not contact information has been Verified. EMPLOYEES WILL NOT RECEIVE EMAILS OR TEXT IF UNVERIFIED

  • To SEND a message to all employees to Verify their text or email, pressing the button will send to all unverified in a schedule / location