Adding Break Types Per Role

Use the following steps to setup additional Break types, ie Paid Standar Breaks and 10-Minute Paid Rest Breaks assigned by Role

General Settings > under Other Settings, check Allow Custom Break Types and Save

Gearwheel Menu > Roles 

Select a Role's Gearwheel to access break options for that role

Check the Breaks you'd like available for employees working this role

NOTE: Default will affect scheduled analytics expectations

NOTE: You can customize the color(s) of the Standard Break buttons by selecting a color. The 10-Minute-Paid is automatically a unique blue color. 

When an employee clocks out for a break, they will be presented with the applicable options

The following example shows a 10-Min Rest Break in addition to a standard unpaid meal break

The following example shows options for both Paid and Unpaid standard meal breaks

When [manager] is editing a break, you can add or edit breaks and designate the break type.

The "10" shown below indicated a 10-Minute-Rest Break, and the "$" shown below indicates a Paid Break. Both may be toggled on or off. 

Analytics and Payroll will conform accordingly

NOTE: Overtime calculations include Paid Breaks