Wage Management Best Practices | Gusto

Teamwork <> Gusto Wage Management

Hourly Employees

When exporting payroll from Teamwork, it's important to note that the Teamwork wage will override what is in Gusto. In that sense, Teamwork becomes the source of truth for what your employees will get paid, and subsequently all wage changes should be made in Teamwork! 

Thankfully, we provide a handful of easy ways to update wages. And to start you off on the right foot, all wages that were assigned in SpotOn have been imported to Teamwork automatically. 

For future hourly wage adjustments, please regard the following resources:

  1. Manage Employee Wage Settings: for one off, individual wage adjustments
  2. Adding Wages from the Payroll Report: for wage adjustments made directly from the payroll report
  3. Global Wage Entry: for bulk wage changes, a wage change for everyone working a specific role, minimum wage changes, etc.
  4. Sync Wages From POS: for importing wages from SpotOn. This tool is great if you'd like to maintain / drive wage changes from the POS

Note : If wages are different between Teamwork and Gusto, you may observe something called an alt-wage (alternate wage) populate in Gusto. This is harmless, and just an indicator that the Teamwork wage persisted.

Salaried Employees

For salaried employees, please note that the salary should be configured and pre-populated in Gusto. We strongly recommend that all salaried employees are excluded from the payroll export. This is easily done and ensures cleanliness of the data. 

You can assign a salary to an employee very easily, if you'd like to understand your sales vs. labor analytics inclusive of salaries!