Employee Directed Tip-Out

To allow employees to allocate their tips manually at the end of a shift, here’s how we accomplish this –– in its simplest form –– with Teamwork. 

First, from the Gearwheel menu select "Tip Templates/Settings":

Create two templates, and designate each to a separate template group. Best practice here is to create a Sourced Tip template group as well as a Shared Tips template group. You will want to test and run tips by running Sourced Tips first and Shared tips second, so you name one template group “Source Tips (run first)” and “Shared Tips (run second).” 

You’ll see here that you must select the correct roles — from the correct schedules — from which you’ll be sourcing tips. However, in your shared tips template, it is not necessary to select roles.

The most important thing you’ll need to do in that Shared Tips template is to select “Pull in Employee Directed Tip-Outs.” The last thing you’ll need to do is go under Gearwheel > General Settings, scroll down to schedule section. 

Choose the correct schedule and press that (+) button to go to schedule settings, scroll down and select “Allow Employees to Giveaway Their Tips @ Clock-Out and/or On Dashboard.”