Entering Projected Sales

Designate one schedule per location as the point of entry for projections. Other schedules can be mapped to the same sales projection and actual numbers in General Settings > Location Settings

This article shows three methods for inputing projection (or sales) data. 

Manual Entry of Projections by Day

At the bottom of a schedule, enter a sales projection in the field indicated below. Actual sales can be synced to your cloud-based POS, or entered manually.

To view sales history and trend data, press the word $ Sales as shown below

You will see prior days, for instance the prior five Thursdays, and their same-day year-over-year comparisons. Click "Apply" to use the software's projection based on trend data, or type in a sales projection into the field shown below.

Bulk entry of projections  based on prior year or prior periods.

From the source schedule, click the copy icon (same icon that is used to copy schedules forward) .

In the example shown below, sales projections based on prior year actual sales +5% will be copied forward for 52 weeks. Note that we have selected "None" for schedule-copy (left arrow)

Import Sales Projections

From the Gearwheel Menu > Importing

Scroll to Import Sales Data

Import a CSV file with a column for both Date and Amount . See settings in the example below.

Format Example