Managing Employee Tips View Options

To set Tips Exposure options for employees
  • Go to the Gearwheel Menu > General Settings
  • Scroll to Other Settings
Option #1 > Show Tips

From their Dashboard, an employee can see their personal Tips Total for each day

Option #2 > Show Tips + Show Tips Detail + Show Exclusively Own Tip Detail

From their Dashboard, employees can select each day and view additional tips detail

  • Employees can click on individual tips bundles from the Tip Bundle Navigator
  • Employees will be able to view their contributions to pools. their tip-out, and the tips they receive
  • Employees can NOT view other employees tips

Option #3 > Show Tips + Show Tips Detail 

(Show exclusively own tip detail is UNCHECKED)

Tips bundles are opened from the dashboard as in Option#2 above

  • Employees  have complete visibility to all tips activity, including the contributions to pools and tips received by all employees. 
  • Employee view is essentially what a manager sees, but employees cannot adjust or save any data.