Integrating Paychex to Teamwork

Initiate Integration with an email request

Provide Teamwork with an email ( with a request to turn on an integration with Paychex. State the following:

  • Legal company name as recognized by Paychex
  • Paychex Company ID (eight digits)
  • A Paychex Super Admin contact and email
  • Please provide for each company or location to be integrated.
Granting Access

Upon confirmation from Teamwork that the integration has been added, access must be granted by a Flex user with Super Admin rights or higher who has access to Company Settings / Other - Connected Applications in Paychex

Select Company Settings, and then Connected Applications as shown below

Click the Access Requested button for the Dolce App (Teamwork used to be called "Dolce Software")

Set Full Read/Write Access for both Company/People & Payroll portions of the API, as indicated below.

Once access is selected, click the legal notice box and save their changes.

Please email that the steps to grant access have been complete.