Employee Guide to Self Directed Tips to Other Employees

Employees are able to tip other employees discretionary amounts (providing company administrators have engaged self-directed tips settings), from the Teamwork App, Teamwork Desktop, or from POS Clock-Out if using Spoton or other integrated clock-in POS. 

From App:

From Mobile Menu, select Server Tip Out 

1. Set (My) location

2. Set the schedules and roles of the employees who I may wish to tip

Note: Teamwork will remember filtering choices as a starting point on subsequent days 

3. Enter tips to be shared

4. Save (at the bottom of the tip-out view)

NOTE the following controls and functions:

From Desktop:

From the top toolbar > Dashboard > Scroll to Clock-Ins & Tips > Tip Giveaway > Select Date

From POS:

For Spoton or other POS integrated to Teamwork at clock-in / out, the Tips Share module will appear at clock-out. Follow the steps under App.