Setting up Toast Integration with Dolce

Toast Partner Connect - Setting up Integrations with Toast

Are you looking to add an Approved Integration Partner to your Toast Account that is not listed in your contract? Follow these easy steps!

From accounting and labor to online ordering and more, there are dozens of integration partners that work with Toast to ensure that you receive a seamless experience.

Toast Partner Connect (located in Toast's back-end) is your one-stop shop to getting all of your integration partners set up with Toast.

In this article:What is Toast Partner Connect?
Toast Partner Connect is our integration management portal. You're able to browse and discover all partners with integrations to Toast, add any of these integrations to your restaurant with the click of a button, and more. This feature is currently available for restaurants with 1-9 locations. If you have more than 9 locations, read below for information on setting up integrations with Toast. 

Does it Cost Anything?
In order to use most Toast API integrations, Toast Customers need to pay $25 per month per location for the Toast Partner Integration subscription. This subscription unlocks unlimited access to our Integration Marketplace, 50+ best-in-class restaurant technology solutions that can integrate directly with your Toast POS. Your subscription fee remains flat whether you add one or fifty integrations.

Can Anyone Add Integrations?
While anyone can see the Partner Connect Portal, you must have the Manage Integrations permission in order to add the Integrations module or connect to Partners. 
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Activating the Partner Connect Portal
To activate the Partner Connect Portal and start adding Integrations to Toast:
1. On Toast's back-end, scroll down to Integrations and select My Integrations
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2. Select Join Toast Partner Connect
Have questions before signing up? See a small FAQ listed under the join button. 

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4. Confirm the location that you're adding Toast Partner Connect to and check the box I am the financial representative for this location 
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5. Select Submit

6. The finance contact on Toast's file will receive a Toast Order form via email within 48 hours. Once this form is filled out and returned, Toast Partner connect will be ready to go!
Managing Integrations in the Partner Connect Portal
Once your Partner Integration subscription has been confirmed, the My Integrations page will look a little different.

To Add a New Integration:
1. Scroll down to Available Integrations and find the integration you want to add. Select Add Integration
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2. Partner Location ID and Group ID ----  **Leave Blank for Dolce Integration**  
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4. Your selected partner can now integrate with Toast! As you'll see in the confirmation message, the next step is to work with your contact at this partner to complete any required configuration. The partner will be reaching out to you soon!
Note that you might need to do some additional setup with the partner to complete the integration. 

Editing/Removing Your Integrations
At the top of the screen, you'll see all your existing connected integrations. You can edit the Partner Location ID directly in the field, or delete the connection by selecting the trash can icon. 
Note: All changes will need to be Saved in order to be fnalized.
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Note: If you remove all integrations, you will still be charged the monthly fee. Contact Toast Support to cancel your Partner Integration subscription. 

Connecting Integration Partners for Enterprise Customers
If you have 10 or more locations, you may not yet have access to the Toast Partner Connect. Our team is working hard to make this possible, so stay tuned!

To add an integration:
1. Copy and paste the following template into an email:
Hello Toast Integration Support,
I want to integrate [INSERT INTEGRATION HERE] with Toast POS, and approve the addition of the Toast API Subscription module to my account if I am not already subscribed. My name is [YOUR NAME] and my restaurant/cafe/etc is: [YOUR BUSINESS NAME]. Please send my client id, secret key, and restaurant GUIDs for the following locations.

[Location 1 Name - Location 1 Address]
[Location 2 Name - Location 2 Address]

I've copied my contact at [INSERT INTEGRATION HERE]. Please reach out to them to connect.

Thank you,


2. Fill in your information
Replace anything between [BRACKETS] with your restaurant or personal information

3. Address the email to Toast
IN the 'TO' line of your email, add
4. CC your Integration Partner
In the 'CC' line, copy your point of contact at the integration partner.