Tips by Day-Part Options

A common example of grouping tips by Day-Part would be having both an AM and a PM pool or tip-out.  The following options are available. 

For the following example, the division between AM and PM service is 4:00pm. (this division can be set as desired, and, any number of Day-Parts can be setup)

Truncate on Day-Part

With "Truncate" mode, if a shift spans both day parts, then the employee participates in both day-parts. 

Intelligent Day-Parts

With "Intelligent" mode,  All hours and tips are placed into the day-part where the majority of the shift was worked. Note that with this option, a double shift requires two separate shifts.

  • The preceding example can apply to both the source of tips and the allocating or pooling of tips. The two can function independent of each other.
  • Source tips are based on ticket open time.
  •  Thresholds of time worked may be applied to pools. For example, "employee must work in a day-part for 15 minutes to participate in the pool"
Additional Controls
  • Use of AM Roles and PM Roles adds additional options / control
  • Use of AM and PM ring-in codes, i.e. "AM Bar" and "PM Bar" offers additional options / control