Partial Shift Reporting Pay California

The following summarizes requirements for California operators to assure thresholds for pay in the event a scheduled shift is cut short or called off. See:

To tun on Partial Shift / Reporting Time Pay, enter the data-points in the Pay Group that contains the target location. For Start Date, enter the date that you wish to begin applying this feature. Remember to SAVE SETTINGS when editing pay-group settings. 

In the Daily Summary views, Teamwork flags a potential penalty, as shown below. If the cause for the Partial Shift flag is due to the employee's initiative to call off or cut short a shift, or if the penalty does not apply for another exempt reason, then the flag should be left unchecked. If a penalty should be applied, then the checkbox should be set.  Whether the penalty is applied or not, managers are encouraged to use the Shift Audit Notes, shown below, to keep the shift circumstances documented. NOTE: Managers should be aware that the flag may present in the event an employee clocked into a different role, leaving the scheduled shift to present as a No-Show.  To remedy, users are advised to update the role in the originally scheduled shift, and link the unscheduled punch. 

Penalties flow into payroll, and should be mapped to payroll provider.