Clocking In to Breadcrumb POS

Clocking-In to Breadcrumb POS with Teamwork Integration


1. Initiate Clock-In through Breadcrumb

2.  WAIT for a 2nd Screen, (this can take 3 seconds) which confirms your Shift / Time / Role, and press Begin Shift. 

You should verify that you were allowed to clock-in without restriction. 

3.  If you are clocking in EARLY or UNSCHEDULED, you will be prompted to enter your LOCATION / ROLE

4.  If your company restricts early Clock-In, you may be prompted to have a Manager authorize the Clock-In


1.  Clock-Out for a BREAK rather than End Shift.  Again, ALWAYS WAIT FOR THE 2nd SCREEN

NOTE: For states that require 30-minute breaks, you may be prevented from returning from break until 30-minutes has been taken. 


1.  Upon Clock-Out, WAIT for the 2nd Screen. You may be prompted to Enter Tips, Validate Breaks or your Time Punch, or enter other Company specific data.