Employee time punch from POS not populating

In the event that time sync with a POS has been established, but there is an employee whose punches are not populating, it could the caused by a duplicate record. 

In the following example, Michael Lawson has time punches not showing in Dolce at location Lafayette.

To Troubleshoot:

Go to gearwheel menu > POS mapping > Applicable Location (in this example, Lafayette)

Micheal in the POS, left side, is mapped to an old duplicate record in Dolce

One possibility is to  fix it right here, but we're going to try to re-merge the two records, in case there is any data associated with the duplicate, it may flow into the new record we are keeping.

Go next to to Employees, and find the good Michael Lawson record

Open Lawson, find the duplicate, and Merge

Go back to Point of Sale mapping, and double check.

The merge resolved the issue.